Thursday, May 25, 2006

Concentric model of obligations / the social versus the political

Confucius has this cute little concentric model of obligations, which goes like this: xiu shen (first cultivate the self), qi jia (then start a good family), zhi guo (then help with national affairs), ping tian xia (and finally think of more universal problems). However, Confucius spoke about this in an era that is very different from the current one, so would this concentric model still apply?

I suspect that Singaporeans are roughly split into two groups: the first group focuses on the first two tasks, namely, the cultivation of self and management of the nuclear family. The second group focuses on the third and fourth tasks, which concern national politics and ‘global’ issues such as poverty in developing countries, ‘human rights’ issues, and so on… The problem in Singapore is that there is a fundamental incommensurability between the world views of these two groups. The ‘self/family-focused’ Singaporeans feel that their priorities should be to take care of themselves and their immediate family members. They are more concerned with day-to-day problems in their work and family lives, with ‘the bills’, and their free moments are usually spent on things which do not require much thought, such as watching TV, shopping, and basically indulging in the pleasures of consumer culture. Life for them is best expressed with the help of a Singlish term as the following sentence will show - ‘Singapore ok wat, see, the shopping is so good, food is sooo nice...’ (Xenoboy once wrote an essay focusing on the ‘Singapore ok lah/Singapore ok lor’ mentality). This group is viewed by the ‘politics/society/global-issues-focused’ group as being too ‘apathetic’. The latter group thinks that everybody should be concerned about and interested in politics and society. The failure to see what’s the big deal is common in Singapore, unfortunately.

In a sense, it’s true that if one is ‘ni pusa guo jiang, zi shen nan bao’ (Buddha made of mud crossing river, can't even help himself), one should not even think of other things. This idea is expressed as a piece of advice which says that unless one is truly well-established and pretty successful in his or her career and have a blemish-free record, one should not even think about entering politics. Other views supporting the supposed ‘apathy’ of this camp would include: (a) the view that we can safely ‘leave everything to the experts’, (b) the related view that being able to wash one’s hands off national affairs is a luxury indeed, thanks to party X which has ‘done such a gooood job’ (sounds familiar?) :), (c) the view that one can be concerned about ‘society’ without being ‘political’, for example, by being a social worker, a grassroots volunteer, or just by excelling in one’s profession….

The first view is premised upon the saying that ‘too many cooks will spoil the broth’. If one simply does not have the expertise in a certain policy area, participation in it might make things worse, so the argument goes. In fact there is a ‘law’ called the Gresham’s Law, which, when applied to what we're dealing with here, would suggest that ‘the average’ will always have more influence that ‘the best’, and that the preferences of the majority may not translate into an optimal decision. The second view reflects the ‘sit back and relax’ mentality of many Singaporeans. It assumes that a ‘good job’, once done, is there to stay. But this line of thinking is flawed because even if a good job has indeed been done, there is always much more to do. There are always little things that can be done to improve policies, living environments, strategies, culture, and so on… And finally, the third view is that one should not conflate the social with the political, and that although politics includes societal affairs, being concerned about societal affairs does not mean that one needs to be political (for example, by joining a political party or being a ‘die-hard’ supporter of certain parties). And blogger Gayle at I-Speak says that blogging is itself a meaningful form of participation in society, which I do agree, but only to a certain extent…

Blogging is limited in its power to influence society because of the inherent nature of this technology, which shapes the way users (bloggers, blog readers) respond or do not respond to it. Blogging is temporal in nature too: readers will only keep a blogger on their ‘blogrolls’ if he or she blogs constantly and with at least a fortnightly frequency (who still remembers or reads ‘Rebrab Moor’ these days?). Articles written by various bloggers only have a fleeting, momentary influence. The newer articles will be the foci of the day, while the older articles slowly disappear into a cyberspace blackhole and forgotten by everybody. So it’s a bit like ‘fashion’, which comes and goes quickly. Analytical essays (including those covering the elections) are read only by a minority of Singaporeans. You could almost say that bloggers at most form a ‘subculture’ in Singapore. In fact, bloggers who write about social and political issues may very well be viewed as ‘a handful of trouble-makers'. Most people still read blogs of a small circle of people whom they personally know; many others read but do not comment. On the whole, I think that blogging as a form of social participation doesn’t involve a sufficiently large portion of society to make a difference yet. Even if an online essay does get readers’ attention, the virtual crossfire in the comments section usually reinforces their preconceived beliefs, leaving those who are in favour of a position and those who are against it more divided than ever, for this ‘divide’ now consists of not merely differences in viewpoints, but also a memory of quarrel which will be remembered bitterly and carried over to future interactions. So unless Singaporeans really try to be civilized and gentlemanly to one another, and try to have a real dialogue despite their political differences, cyberspace 'discussions’ will always turn out to be divisive, which is quite a bad thing if you ask me….

Anyway, to reiterate my earlier point which is the central theme of this essay, I think that there is a fundamental incommensurability between the worldviews of people, who could be roughly grouped into two camps. The purpose of this essay is merely to map out their positions and to show that both sides do have valid reasons for thinking and behaving as they do. (a) The self/family focused Singaporeans are not necessarily unconcerned about national affairs; they might be, but they may (i) want to focus on improving their individual or family lives first before moving on to larger things (based on the concentric model of obligations), or they may (ii) prefer to focus on social rather than political issues, for to them the ‘political’ may well be too political for their liking. Some of these people who do not actually step forward to join political parties may prefer to contribute anonymously and independently as bloggers. However, their influence shall by default be fleeting and negligible. (b) The politics/society/globally focused group has lofty ideals, and they should not be discouraged, viewed as idealistic, or dismissed. This incommensurability is not something that any person can resolve, because the problem resides in the very nature of any society that is not made up of clones, and no amount of eloquence by any blogger or politician can reason away this contradiction with the power of words alone…


Blogger kwayteowman said...

Well said. Your Cheena very powderful. The KTM is very impressed. :-)

The KTM does not however entirely agree with your view of the role of bloggers in Singaporean politics.

While it is true that many blogs are transient in nature and bloggers come, bloggers go (Not like the KTM didn't try to die once before also).

But seriously, the KTM decided to come back to life precisely because the last GE changed his worldview of what the bloggers mean to Singapore.

Unlikely the MSM, bloggers have the unfettered freedom to express their views about issues involving Singapore and our way of life. I believe that if bloggers continue to talk sense, people will come and listen.

For example, the Heavenly Sword spouts interesting views and so the KTM kwai kwai comes to vist his blog.

That said, it is contingent that bloggers tread carefully. I think it is probably quite easy to attract hits by spouting (funny) anti-PAP rhetoric. That's the road to disaster I think. Not only will it likely provoke a strong reaction from the Garmen, it will actually serve to reinforce undue biases in the Singaporeans against the ruling party for no good reason. Increasing one's popularity is not a good reason to adopt such a tact in my opinion. Some will disagree (and are free to do so). :-)

The future of bloggers in Singapore and the role that they will play is something that they will have to create for themselves. I agree with you that right now, politically blogging is still in its infancy, so one cannot really say more than Yoda, "clouded the future is."

If bloggers decide to do what many Singaporeans do in the online forum and spout idle anti-Garmen rhetoric, then blogs will be no different from the online forums.

If instead the bloggers talk sense, I think people will sit up and listen. I'm quite sure that some of the Ministers are reading Gayle's blog. They probably wouldn't agree with many of the things she says, but at least she gets a right of hearing. :-P What will her influence on public policy be? Who knows. What I know however is that if she didn't write, the answer would have been zilch. :-)

Blogging is not an end to itself. If some of random nonsense spouted by the bloggers get picked up with the ruling party and implemented and life somehow improves. Good for us. This is however wishful thinking in my view.

However, even if such a scenario doesn't happen, are blogs therefore useless? I really don't think so.

I think that blogs are an good medium for intellectual discourse. Not like you never see the KTM complain about his letters being rejected by the Forum Page also.

Seriously, the KTM is quite peeved. He thinks that he has tried to raise relevant issues for publication so that the people can be alerted to think about them. He's NOT trying to be an anti-PAP trouble maker. He doesn't get paid to do something like that hor!

But Forum Page doesn't like to publish his letters leh. Instead, they like to publish letters about ah pek complaining retire alreadi cannot find job, ah soh complaining that banks cheat her money and ah boy complaining that counting the grades for dunno want Electives kills his joy for learning. If we go on like that, how to becoming a First World civic society?? :-P

Last time the Forum Page can claim got space issue. Now got dunno what online forum, so what space issue are we talking about?

Finally, the bloggers will probably play a HUGE role in the upcoming Elections. I also dunno why Denise Phua feels that there's been (unfair) negative views against the PAP. The KTM would actually like to commend the Election-time bloggers for doing a marvelous job. While there have been some snide remarks about the PAP, I think that the reports were rather objective on the whole.

One of the reasons why the KTM revived was because he was put to shame by these bloggers. :-)

Fri May 26, 11:01:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Robin said...

haha.. me too..

have been a lurker at your blogs. and check it every now and then.

so.. when the Heavenly Sword spouts interesting views and this little puppy also kwai kwai comes to vist his blog.

Fri May 26, 12:40:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Viola said...

Nice Blog :)

Fri May 26, 12:58:00 PM 2006  
Blogger *The Lunatic Fringe* said...

I remember my Confucian Ethics studies wayyyyyy back in 1986-1987 as part of "Religious Knowledge" (RK) although strictly speaking, Confucian Ethics is not a religion per-se. Don't ask me why, direct your question to MOE specialist curriculum writers back then why they classified Confucian Ethics as RK!

The concentric circle from Confucian Ethics was one of the things that I still vaguely can dredge out from the moats of my detritus filled memory.

I believe the apathy is due really to our environment and that we also let ourselves be depoliticised and immersed into the consumer culture brought about by economic growth and prosperity. I for one was caught up in the pursuit of 5Cs and seeing materialism as the reason why we study hard, get good grades, get a degree, and start setting up life goals as getting the next [insert your favourite material goal].

However, somewhere along this journey, I suddenly realised that one you have met your basic needs of food, shelter, safety, something inside me starts to yearn for self actualisation, being fulfilled through freedom of expression, able to speak up with our opinions and perhaps even change the way Singapore is as a home. Maslow's hierachy of needs appears to have kicked in, with the attendant impact of me suddenly finding myself in Worker's Party rallies, and thinking, "Oh why oh why did I take the blue pill for so many years..." The WP rallies were my red pills of awakening.

I believe many of us (i.e. the 66.6%) are still under the power of the blue pill and either consciously or unconsciously happy about it. What disturbs me is that they are not given a choice through PAP monopoly of the mindshare of political thought through control of main stream media and the subtle techniques of fear, doubt, intimidation and co-option.

It is not wrong for the 66.6% to constrain themselves in the inner concentric circles but it must be out of choice and not because they do not know that there is not a choice beyond that.

Fri May 26, 04:31:00 PM 2006  
Blogger BL said...

Heavenly Sword,

It's good to hear from you. Been visiting once in a while to see whether you are dropping any comments on the elections.

I like your classification of the people into the two types: those who are satisfied and those who are struggling. A similar theory from human resource management known as Maslow theory of needs, your classification can both be split into two groups: those who are struggling to sort out the first three: food, water and shelter, and those who reach security and seeking self-actualization.

If one look at how PAP select their MPs, it is based on the premise that they pick people who have attained that security and seek self-actualization in the form of politics. Yes, they are all well qualified and secured in every way. My mom told me once that if the person is not living in private housing, that's no way that he or she will be in the PAP to stand as MP. The opposition like WP are starting to assemble people in that classification. If you go to the lower end and look at SDP, you realize that the secretary general was first secured and subsequently his entire life fell apart because of countless legal troublces he got himself into.

Honestly, the blogsphere does not possess any capability at present to become dominant in the real world. Despite all the hype most politicians are claiming about internet being negative, most day to day people like my parents in the older generation are still reading newspaper and watch CNA.

On some level, my observation is that Gayle's comments against the establishment are overhyped as "cool" and "awakening" by the bloggers (and it is not by her own doing). It's nothing new because they have been rehashed by her in another package.

The internet will become a dominant force if the people who are making all the screams and shouts go out to do something, i.e. they help the WP people to do their grassroots work and like Yawning Bread take pictures to demonstrate the other side of the story.

At the end of the day, politics is about governing and not campaigning. A politician campaigns with poetry and governs in prose.

Best regards,

p/s: Drop by visit me sometime. We just did a revamp. :)

Fri May 26, 05:21:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Zyl said...

Heavenly Sword, it is wonderful that you have returned from your meditations in the training cave and to be able to drink the tea of your mansion again.

Confucian concentricism. My understanding of this model is that not only is it a chart of possibilities of action but also one of obligation i.e. a gentleman who has the learning and character should consider it as his duty to attend to cultivation of self, family, country and world as far as his abilities and energy allow.

Your distinction btw the two groups of Singaporeans also recalls a political science distinction betweenn mass and attentive public opinion. The former is akin the so-called silent majority while the latter are more articulate and often better organized. Events, such as elections or crises, can also swell the ranks of the attentive group. In any case, public opinion (whether mass or attentive) is not particularly impt in Sg cuz the ruling party apparently takes the view that popular sovereignty has been totally surrendered/delegated to representatives in parliament via elections.

Kway Teow Man's call for more serious and mature discussion of issues in order to raise the credibility of blogs is a worthy one. However IMHO blogs are still predominantly a medium of personal rather than social communication thus limiting their social and political effects. And more mundanely, most people blog out of a sense of fun and a desire to entertain/be entertained rather than out of a sense of political activism. That said, methinks it would a serious mistake for the authorities to take heavyhanded action agst popular bloggers like mrbrown or Mr Wang - while it might intimidate some, there might be others who are outraged and radicalised as a result.

Fri May 26, 05:43:00 PM 2006  
Blogger feeblechicken said...

I am hopeful about blogging and was inspired by all the blogging on Singapore. It felt like Singaporeans are not as apathetic as I used to think. I am hopeful about blogging although I am not currently in Singapore.

I do know that most people are connected to the internet so that first crucial step is already established. The next thing would be its publicity which has been through the word of mouth I think. The impact of the online activity of the elections '06 I think seem quite large. For one, people blogged on politics and put up rallies despite the possible implication of the law. Two, the PAPs are looking into the internet to look at its impact on the elections. Three, people tend to be curious and read into what seem subversive to the government even if they take a sit on the fence or pro-government stance.

True that blogging would remain a subculture for now but the internet is a global cultural phenomenon that is only going to develop more and spread. Everyone even older folks are getting online. Young people like myself who are aware of the limitations of the local media are going to turn to the alternative sources of information and views readily online.

I think for one Yawning Bread has been very successful in his site for advocating his views and analysis on a regular basis to the point that the images of the large crowds at election rallies by him and others as well, affected the local media to put them up even though a few days late.

Sat May 27, 03:34:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Rong said...

Your observations and analysis of Singaporeans is kinda true and so unique to Singapore's culture in terms of this phenomenon happening on a national scale.

It's largely because of ignorance and contentment. I really don't mean that as an insult, rather, the "ignorance" that I'm talking about is quite circumstantial to a good extend. It takes time for a society to mature.

I'm not sure if all of this can be attributed to the, I shall call it "awesome govt syndrom."

Why? Because in Singapore, people have the choice to do a lot of things very freely. If people in Singapore can raise money to climb the highest peak on every continent, I don't see why people aren't able to do other important things with the same amount of passion and devotion to the cause.

Singaporeans are 100% free to save themselves or the world from AIDS, promote sustainability, eradicate poverty, stop corporations from infinging on consumers' rights, etc.... if they choose to EDUCATE THEMSELVES about such issues. Chances are, the average Singaporean will respond to the above comment with, "blame the govt for an edu system that dosen't teach that." Ah, the fucking irony.

Sat May 27, 01:01:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Dorothy said...

Ah, what a hearty response to your entry! :) As I'd always said, write more - people can't get enough of you *grin* Even after months of being on hiatus, people still come back. That has to mean something.

Anyway, it seems inappropriate to just leave such a mindless message after everyone else has such intelligent things to say. So here's my two cents worth.

I think that while your classification of the Singaporean population into two distinct groups - the apathetic and the political aware (or even active) - does brings focus to the issue at hand, and thus facilitate the analysis of the phenomenon. In short, it is the big picture.

On the other hand, the creation of such a dichotomy tends to blur the lines a little. I couldn't help but wonder where the people who 'falls through the cracks' should be placed in this model? :)

For instance, there are people who are concerned with certain aspects of public policy, and completely oblivious to others. There are also others who may be passionate about certain social or political injustice, but is also lured at the same time by the promises of materialism, which is often used to 'persuade' people to remain more or less politically inactive.

I think I belong to the second group. I am certainly not politically apathetic, but I am also a very ardent fan of the consumerist culture - and in some cases, when forced to choose between the two, I may very well decide to take consumerist bait. Of course, I can always blame in on years of MOE education and socialisation. Like I always say, I want to be a yuppie and a hippie at the same time.

So things may be a little more complicated than that :)

Sat May 27, 08:11:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Heavenly Sword said...

Greetings everyone! It's nice to see new visitors and regular customers! :)

KTM: "Instead, they like to publish letters (in the forum)". That's ok if you accept that incremental little improvements will collectively make life in Singapore better.

"If some of random nonsense spouted by the bloggers get picked up with the ruling party and implemented and life somehow improves. Good for us." Would that not require blogsphere to develop naturally, rather than in a govt-directed way? Elia diodati (a blogger) once wrote about Singapore being like 'bonsai'. You can check out his brilliant essay.

Robin: Thanks! :]

Viola: Thanks too, but it could be nicer... :]

Sun May 28, 12:05:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Heavenly Sword said...


Hi Lunatic Fringe: I think in this world today, most people focus on personal enjoyment, personal security, and personal material welfare. This is probably a global trend....

BL: Hey nice to hear from u again! :] Your new blog design is nice! I was unfortunately too caught up with my work during the elections period (and will continue to be so until August). I do, however, have an essay on 'swing voters' in mind :]

"...if the person is not living in private housing, that's no way that he or she will be in the PAP to stand as MP."

Really? Hm...that is not very nice...A person who is successful and well-off may nonetheless choose to live in a HDB flat.

"The internet will become a dominant force if the people who are making all the screams and shouts go out to do something..."

I actually think that will take ages to happen, but if it doesn't happen it's not really a bad thing because not everybody who cares about 'society' likes to be associated with political parties. As long as they are not 'apathetic' in the sense of being totally disconnected from society, I guess that's quite good already...

Hi Zyl: Ah, 有朋自远方而来,不亦乐乎 :] (please correct me if my Chinese spelling is wrong, hehe, it has been a long time since I used Chinese even though I did get A's last time for it) :) During the elections I read your great essay on grassroots work, which is really interesting.

"...most people blog out of a sense of fun and a desire to entertain/be entertained rather than out of a sense of political activism..."

You're right. And I think it'll result in -ve PR if they try to 'discipline' the bloggers, even if they use the 杀一儆百 (crush one blogger to warn the rest) approach. Singaporeans may like Korean horror movies, but horror movies involving bloggers may well be too horrifying....

Sun May 28, 12:45:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Heavenly Sword said...


FeebleChicken: Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views! The Internet is actually a good technological tool to keep the Singaporean diaspora engaged. Unfortunately, personal encounters suggested to me that some (though not all) Singaporeans overseas are no longer interested in what happens in (or to) Singapore. This is a pity...

Rong: Thanks for your views too!

"...the average Singaporean will respond to the above comment with, "blame the govt for an edu system that dosen't teach that."..."

I do agree that there's a tendency to pin ALL the blame on the education system. But on the other hand, I also think that if the education system can indeed do something to help to solve some aspects of the problem, why not? It need not be the scapegoat for everything. But it can do its part too...

Dorothy: Haha, thanks! :] I have no idea how many (or how few, rather) people read this blog. My estimate is maybe twenty... :]

"....there are people who are concerned with certain aspects of public policy, and completely oblivious to others. There are also others who may be passionate about certain social or political injustice, but is also lured at the same time by the promises of materialism..."

I think you're right. And that is one of the reasons why we cannot condemn those who don't care about many policy issues and say that they are 'apathetic', 'cannot think' and so on. They may not (seem to) care about healthcare, foreign policy etc, but they may care greatly about a specific sector of society. And in their own little way they already contribute to society using their specialized knowledge of that sector.

Sun May 28, 01:05:00 PM 2006  
Blogger kwayteowman said...

"That's ok if you accept that incremental little improvements will collectively make life in Singapore better."

Dunno leh, doesn't seem to me that making the ST Forum Page a complaint bureau necessarily makes life better. :-) Somebody should go count the number of EzLink complaints.

I once read this blog that did an analysis of the breakdown of the types of letters that are written to the Forum Page. Apparently more than 50% are either complaints or responses to complaints. Can't seem to be able to find it any more though....

"Would that not require blogsphere to develop naturally, rather than in a govt-directed way?"

Absolutely. I think if the Garmen is given a choice, it probably wouldn't want bloggers to exist. :-) They want to manage dissent on their terms and not on some one else's.

Nevertheless, the Garmen is in no position to regulate the Internet -- simply because it's not technically feasible to do so. How successful have we been able to control Internet smut, even though it's universal agreed to be a good thing?

That said, I believe that bloggers do have a responsibility to be responsible about what they say, so as not to provoke an warranted nasty response from the Garmen (ie., your 杀一儆百 [I think the third word may not be the right one, but my Cheena isn't so good and I actually dunno how to type Cheena so I just cut and paste from your posting :-)] scenario).

Sun May 28, 01:18:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Heavenly Sword said...

Alamak, it's 杀一警百, very paiseh (looks like MS-Word's phrase-based pinyin can't be trusted!) :]

"I think if the Garmen is given a choice, it probably wouldn't want bloggers to exist. :-) They want to manage dissent on their terms and not on some one else's."

Ah, 'bloggers' not the same as 'dissent' though. An enlightened govt governing a nation that embraces diversity SHOULD want bloggers to exist.

Sun May 28, 01:32:00 PM 2006  
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