Thursday, June 02, 2005

The 'outsourcing' of cooking

The way to a man's heart is through the stomach...If that is so, then I know why women are unable to capture the hearts of men nowadays. It is nearly impossible to come across a lady who can cook in this modern era! Out of 100 ladies I know, only about 3 can cook. That is a bit sad, really.... :-)

Why is it that women of this era are losing their culinary skills that the earlier generations of women have? I suspect that the main reason is the 'outsourcing of cooking' to the commercial providers - namely, the food courts, the kopitiams (coffeeshops), and the restaurants...This takes away the incentive for the ladies to learn cooking, since couples (or even entire families) can just go to places nearby for decent meals at very affordable prices.

The second reason is that people are just too tired to cook. With the 'work-till-you-drop' culture in Singapore, who still has the energy to go to the supermarkets, wash the vegetables, cut the meat, and fry the dishes? Even if one has the energy to cook, one may not have the energy to do the washing after the meal.

The third reason is that the guys are not doing their job - they should be protesting against this steady loss of culinary skills! Because guys do not exert the necessary pressure, and passively accept such a situation, there is even less incentive to master the difficult art of cooking! It's possible that this has something to do with the beauty industry. With ladies becoming better at beautifying themselves - often very successfully - the guys have become weak and unassertive, and fail to stand up for their rights....hehe :-)

So, we can't really blame today's women for not cooking. The incentive and 'mood' simply aren't there...This means that we may all have to live with this fundamental transformation of Singapore society from now - no more home-cooked soups, no more cosy family dinners in the comfort of one's home....Today's culture is a culture of 'eating out', so guys out there - if you come across a lady who can cook, go for her, cherish her, for there aren't many such ladies in this 'food paradise' of ours now.


Blogger jllt said...

There are also caterers that offer food with "homecooked" tastes. We can visit any NTUCs near us to buy pre-packed food and add some meat and water to get herbal soups.

What is sad is the demise of traditional food unique to various dialects. We no longer see "15¢ kok kok noodles", the hokkien "keeya kueh" (a sticky dough usually eaten with curry or soup) or be able to taste great peanut paste.

Fri Jun 03, 03:28:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous Pauline said...

Well I wonder how well a woman must be able to cook to be called.. "she can cook".

I do agree to some extend that women nowadays may lack culinary skills. But that is not entirely true of all women though. I have friends who, because both parents are working, take turns with their siblings to cook dinner etc. and it aint just instant noodles! ;p

For me, I grew up with my mum's cooking, and I always wished to dabble in a bit of cooking myself. Unfortunately, due to my mum's meticulous requirement of the kitchen, it was always out of bounds for me to try. But that hadn't dampen my interest in cooking. In fact, I think cooking is sort of a therapeutic approach to relieving stress! That said, I have to admit, I am not yet a very good 'cook' though. ;p

Sat Jun 04, 02:08:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous Wings in the sky said...

I fully agree that the number of ladies who can cook well is diminishing fast in this modern day of foodcourts and ready made dinner. Very very sad.......

Sun Jun 05, 07:34:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Heavenly Sword said...

Harlow..! :)

jllt: you're right! Even desserts like Chendol or dishes like Chicken Rice are not as nice now...I've had Chendol with just 10 red beans inside...

pauline: I guess it's not reasonable to expect a lady to acquire such a huge repertoire of dishes...But at least a working knowledge of how to prepare a proper meal and the capacity to innovate around a few simple dishes would be good...

wings in the sky: Looks like we'll have to go for catering... :)

Mon Jun 06, 10:15:00 PM 2005  
Anonymous Lei's Mom said...

I'll like to know why is it that you hear of men (usually) who lament of the increase in women who have lost their culinary skills (as if it is something inherent in women that we can lose) while the women are remaining silent over men who have 'lost' their ability to provide for their family (like they used to)? Many men nowadays are unable to single-handedly provide for their family, while their wives cook, care for their children and clean the house. OK, blame it on the higher standard of living, changing roles of women...etc. but the fact remains that very few men are now able to be the one who brings in the bacon. If this sounds like feminist banter, then let me just say that I'm behaving no differently from the man who says it's very sad that nowadays, women can't cook. From a woman's standpoint, it is very sad that we can't depend on our man to be the bread winner anymore. sigh...

Thu Jul 07, 01:55:00 PM 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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